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Coming Home - Sadly

Hey loyal followers! Odd thing is there’s actually more of you than when I left. Things didn’t turn out like they were supposed to, but that’s to be expected?

Actually had a glorious bitch fit on my birthday and went to the Empire State Building alone on my birthday. Which was liberating and lonely at the same time. I was either the 5th or 7th wheel but I ended up having a great time anyway.

Having friends under 21 for your 21st birthday is not in the plan but damn, it I love them. I’ll drink myself into a coma next year when I’m interning in NYC and living with my bff, who was back home for the outing.

Thank you so much for sticking around and I’ll be back reblogging like mad when I get home. Probably pass out from car lag first.

#ConeyIsland #NYC

Being a total tourist. #NYC

With Kyle #TimesSquare #NYC

#TimesSquare #NYC

#Guinness #NYC

I think there’s one final day and then I’m back. We drive back Monday but knowing myself I’ll be back and getting caught up on SDCC because that shit was probably awesome and I’m crying about it right now. Drunk crying at some rando because I’m not dressed as Han Solo and crying about being at comic con.


I was all up in that. #ESB #NYC #21st

#NYC being cute. #urbanspoon